– This is Device Insights –


Device Insights generates unique upgrade and churn predictions that enhance marketing ecosystems. These enable app owners, mobile operators and smartphone brands to target their customers more effectively.


Device Insights predictions give app owners a deeper understanding of their users’ smartphone experience, enabling them to tailor the offers and ads shown to each user. And the result? Retention, customer acquisition or upsell – depending on what brand or operator the user has today.


Make Smart Offers for Smartphones


Device Insights, when it’s added to an app, will help to create many new sales attributes. It has already proven to increase sales conversion by up to 4x.


The timing of offers is crucial and with Device Insights we can predict when smartphone users have a high likelihood of upgrading their phones. This prediction is based on both device health and usage, as well as community comparisons. Most importantly, predictions are continuously trained on actual local upgrade events, so they improve over time.

Currently we can successfully identify a majority of all actual upgrades while only addressing a fifth of the total users.
Personalisation is also key. Predictions cover what the next likely device, as well as a likely data usage plan, could be. Strategic timing in combination with the device / data plan predictions has already achieved a 4x sales conversion rate in operator retention campaigns.

In addition, predictions about what issues a user might have with their current phone can be used to further personalise messages. For example, highlighting the impressive battery performance in a new phone, if battery frustration is the most likely current frustration.



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Increase The Value of Your Ad Space


Device Insights can help you transform your app channels from merely showing ‘stock’ ads into highly successful customer acquisition machines for the telco industry.


Media companies normally segment users based on very basic device attributes: current brand, model etc.

Device Insights will enable you to step out of the CPM world and into the sales commission world. How? By adding the capability to effectively hunt and convert customers for mobile operators or smartphone brands. This is highly valuable and the attributes that can make this happen can be priced much higher than normal CPMs.

Not only are you potentially able to identify users that are looking for a new phone, with very effective timing, but also get them over to a new operator with a nice bundle offer. Opportunities also exist to market these attributes into a new telecom partnership package,  including any other relevant services you can offer.


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Keep Your Customers


It’s simple really, when smartphone users start to think about a new phone – make sure the first ad they see is yours.


For many operators, keeping track of the tail end of a typical 24-month customer cycle is the only retention tactic in their sales toolbox. As the contracts draw to a close, the operator offers the subscriber a subsidised smartphone and subscription bundle, hoping to convince the user to commit to a new 24-month lifecycle.

The flaw with this model is that an offer is often too late – many users change their devices during the contract period. The offer operators send out at the end of the 24 month period are often seen as “not for me”. Being able to track a user’s smartphone experiences over time is key to more relevant and timely engagement – increasing the likelihood of successful sales conversion. Operators can also preempt potential issues, and in effect, draw users back into their sales channels.

Device Insights can provide operations with unique predictions, making them better-equipped to meet unique customer wants and needs. It ensures that offers are personal, relevant, timely – and ultimately – highly attractive for every single subscriber.

For a user, getting a great offer feels good, and feeling good makes them a happy customer.

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Data Collection


Device Insights collects data from smartphones using a lightweight SDK. The SDK is quickly deployed inside any host app.


The SDK runs lean in the background, capturing unique device and user behaviour events. The impact on device resource use and battery life is minimal and is unnoticeable for end users. The data capture process is fully GDPR compliant and all data is encrypted using a standard 2048 bit RSA key.

Device Insights captures approximately 50 unique data attributes per user/collection, contributing to an extensive data lake where millions of data points are analysed using machine learning and AI. The device data attributes needed for our predictions are all NON-PERSONAL.




Analysis and Predictions


Device Insights predictions indicate a user’s propensity to act based on the status of their smartphone, as well as on their smartphone behaviour.


Device Insights combines the data collected using the Device Insights SDK with data from third party sources to build a rich contextual data lake, as well as from feedback loops from customer usage. We then apply machine learning algorithms to the data to identify behavioural and device issue patterns indicative of potential upgrade need or churn behaviour.

Analysing the contextual data, our machine learning algorithms look for patterns that predict potential outcomes. For example, the user who charges their device multiple times per day is highly likely to want a new smartphone. Device Insights scores each user indicating the user’s propensity to upgrade or churn, as well as the complementary predictions that can be used to optimise an offer.

Tracking millions of upgrade and churn events allows us to train the machine learning algorithms to identify patterns more accurately and thus continuously builds prediction reliability.




Integrate Into Campaigns


Device Insights enables media companies, mobile operators or smartphone brands to enhance the data in their existing marketing ecosystem.


In addition to Device Insights predictions and triggers on upgrade and churn, operators gain access to a wide array of unique smartphone behavioural data, ranging from battery and charging behaviour to off-network app data usage and more.

Armed with Device Insights predictions, sales and marketing teams can become more relevant, sparking higher engagement for any related smartphone device or services sales.