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Using our AI and machine learning platform MatchMaker AI, we generate unique engagement, upgrade and churn predictions that enable organisations to target customers more effectively.


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We love turning data into satisfied customers and boosted revenue for our customers. We live for data and maximizing its potential.


Marakandas roots goes back to the early 2000’s when we built integrated reverse logistics cloud systems for the worlds largest mobile manufacturers managing the information and flow optimization of 100’s of millions of mobile phones across over 70 countries.

Leveraging our experience with mobile phones and data integration we ventured into the domain of predictive customer care and self service for consumers developing an self service app and data analytics SDK which enabled us to predict consumers device issues and consumers actions in relation to them.

Marakanda is now focused on tapping the full potential of predictive AI in telecom. With our in-house developed prediction platform MatchMaker AI we have proven to significantly boost the revenue potential from customer and device data. At the same time reducing customer spam by successfully matching customer interests across against companies whole product portfolios.

Marakanda is backed by some of the pioneers in telecom. Chairman of the board is Sir Julian Horn-Smith (co founder Vodafone) and former senior executives of Softbank and Telia.




Our beautiful and modern office in the Kista Science Tower boasts an unparalleled view of the Swedish capital.

On the 30:th floor, you can find our sales, customer success organisations as well as our product management and development teams.

Kista Science Tower
Färögatan 33
SE-164 51 Kista



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