[MatchMaker AI] gives operators unique insights into
subscriber needs and behavior.



[MatchMaker AI] predictions enables operators to improve
the optimal match between all products & services and subscribers preferences to boost revenue and reduce churn



Get Personal

The best data plan, the best apps, the optimal moment - [MatchMaker AI] predictions boosts sales conversions.



What is Marakanda


Device Insights generates unique upgrade and churn predictions. Using machine learning on smartphone behavioural data, we create predictions that enhance existing marketing ecosystems, enabling for ad-driven app owners, mobile operators or phone manufacturers to target customers more effectively.

In many ways, the smartphone is a blind spot for companies, despite the fact that smartphone behaviour is a strong indicator of upgrade and churn propensity. For most app owners or mobile operators, basic smartphone data has been the focus until today. This is where Device Insights fit in.


Marakanda identify who need an upgrade, when they need it and what they need. Simple as that.

Churn Prevention

Engage with your customers before they churn to a competitor. Marakanda prediction identify who will churn and how operators can effectively retain customers.

Customer Acquisition

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts

What makes Marakanda different


Gather Data

Marakanda continuously collects data and insight on smartphone status and behavior

  • iOS and Android SDK
  • GDPR compliant

Machine Learning Analysis

Marakanda continuously collects data and insight on smartphone status and behavior

  • Upgrade prediction
  • Churn prediction

Segment And Get Personal

Marakanda predictions enable operators to get personal to boost sales conversion – the perfect smartphone, the best data plan, the optimal moment

  • Next-likely-device
  • Optimal data plan

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