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– Marakanda is a pioneer in predictive smartphone analytics –


Using AI and machine learning we generate unique upgrade and churn predictions that enable sales organizations to target smartphone customers more effectively.


    Who we are | Who is Marakanda


    We love smartphone insights. And we live for data.


    At Marakanda we want to understand the real reasons behind why people across the globe buy smartphones and choose mobile operators. In essence, we want to make marketing relevant again.

    We want to enable companies to offer the right product to the right buyer at the right time. We want sales teams to succeed. And we want consumers to feel good about the marketing offers they get.



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    AI, machine learning, UX and business development.

    Marakanda is always looking for talent. We offer a fast-paced work environment with few barriers and an international outlook. A place where we can grow when you grow.

    At Marakanda we…

    • …are brave enough to push the boundaries for smartphone marketing
    • …are working hard to see our dreams come through
    • …are smiling to make sure we balance effort and reward

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      Our beautiful and modern office in the Kista Science Tower boasts an unparalleled view of the Swedish capital.

      On one of the top floors, you can find our sales, customer success organisations as well as our product management and development teams.

      Kista Science Tower
      Färögatan 33
      SE-164 51 Kista



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